Fødselsdag! (My Danish Birthday)

Celebrating my 20th birthday the Danish way was a pretty cool experience! It was just my luck that my birthday fell on the Thursday of one of my most stressful weeks abroad yet, but in between studying for midterms and writing papers I had quite a lovely celebration.

My host family cooked me a birthday dinner the night before. They gave me the choice of what we were going to have but I had a hard time deciding and let them surprise me, which wound up being a very good decision! Henrik prepared a dish that Helle refers to as the “score” meal, as he made it for her after they met and it went over quite well! It was pork, pineapple, banana, and bacon in a curry sauce over rice, so good! The table was set with a Danish flag in front of my place setting as well.

After dinner, we ate a chocolate cake that Sarah made! She decorated the cake with a the Danish flag as well as the American flag, and some festive umbrellas (I may have mentioned a few times that it’s been hot and sunny back home–this cold weather thing is very new to me, and it’s not even winter yet!). It was a lovely birthday dinner!

The Danish tradition is to open your presents in the morning soooo the whole family came in to wake me up at 6 am and we had time to open presents and eat breakfast together before heading off for the day! I got a Danish Survival Kit, loaded with the winter essentials–scarf, hat, gloves, lotion, and chapstick! It was adorable, and I have already gotten some use out of my new gear.

My host family also gave me some flødebolle (chocolate covered sugary fluff, very Danish and delicious!) to hand out to my class, which made me very popular. Thursdays are busy days, so I had my four classes (two of which had midterms, what are the chances) and then I hung out with some friends until dinner time. I ate dinner with my friend Perri, then we headed to the Fun. concert! I absolutely loved the concert! The music was amazing and it was such a cool experience being surrounded by Danes singing and dancing along. Overall I had a pretty amazing birthday!

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