Better Late Than Never

It’s been two months since I left Denmark and one month since I arrived in Washington (there was one glorious month in the middle when I escaped the cold and frolicked around SoCal).… Continue reading

Living in the moment

If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” Warning: This… Continue reading


(Tak = thanks in Danish)   Spending Thanksgiving in another country was an interesting experience. At home, Thanksgiving serves as a much needed break from school, a chance to eat yummy food, and… Continue reading

Reunions, a Beautiful Train Ride, and Misfortune

Since I returned from Austria, fall arrived, the clocks were turned back, and the leaves are falling. Fall in Denmark is truly beautiful. Perhaps I am amazed by the changing of seasons because… Continue reading

Habsburgs, Kaiserschmarrn, and Pretty Trees

Following my mom and my aunt’s visit to Copenhagen, we departed for Austria for my travel week! In planning this break, there was no doubt that I wanted to go to Austria. I… Continue reading

Familiar Faces

As wonderfully amazing as living in Copenhagen is, there are some things that I can’t help but miss from home. The Southern California weather that I have always taken for granted, Long Beach,… Continue reading

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Last weekend, I golfed 18 holes with my host dad and had so much fun! When he suggested playing a round, I was a little reluctant. I haven’t golfed in a few years… Continue reading

Sustainia Awards, Arnold Comes to Copenhagen!

A few weeks ago (so late, but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks as usual!), I went to the Sustainia Awards Ceremony, held at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen. To be honest,… Continue reading

Study Tour in the UK: London and Devon

I spent the past week in the UK with my Sustainable Development class. The trip was the perfect combination of seeing what we are learning being applied in real situations and fun! I… Continue reading

Fødselsdag! (My Danish Birthday)

Celebrating my 20th birthday the Danish way was a pretty cool experience! It was just my luck that my birthday fell on the Thursday of one of my most stressful weeks abroad yet,… Continue reading